Marvel Porn Story: Ironman Avsebtures – part 5

Marvel Porn Story: Ironman Avsebtures – part 5

Forever hugged by her love

blonde and redoh bikinis fallingpeepors teeth.. Witneys thongwarm skin. Lips blend in wet kiss..Witney maoning..peper thirsty..drinking from the tann tap

ah sheetsit was a nice dream though that rohde was having(I wouldve gotten off on it too..and im a bodyless vioce of naration) Ever since she came to the Tomorrow Academy Rohde has been having drems about witney stane.

After a quick clean up of his sheets and himself he ran down to the armory like every Sunday morning. Today was going to be Peppers surprise first dawning of the armor. For about a month now Tony had designing on the side a semi portable armor for pepper consisting of mainly life suport systems, comunications and defensive weapons. But someone else was going down there too!


that feels good, right there Tony

Your body is so buetiful

OH God

Wow your getting wet fast

dont stop

OH know, we have company, mrs rohdes is coming

ah, what if she finds out about what we have been doing, oh no parents talk to tell my dad, my dad will ground me, theyll discover your ironman

PEPPOR..just get dressed


hey Roberta Tony answered in a bacwards ascew shirt and crooked pants with an obviese bulge

What is going on down here?

nothing much just fixing up the place, working on some inventions

uh huh..look I dont mind you working down here, but im responsible for you and when Peppers here im responsible for her too, I need to know that your are safe and sleeping in separate beds or the couch from now on..I trust you, but its my rules, as smart as you are Tony, accidents and urges can happen

yes Roberta, itll never happen again

Roberta gives the motherly look of -I got my eye on you- before walking back up to the house

Rohde runs in past his mother as she leaves to find a flustered tony and peppor butoning her shirt half concios and breathing heavily

Is there a reson your shirts on backwards Tony? Rohde asked

Shut up Tony growled threw clenched teeth

Peppor, your vests inside out

Blushing and breathing hard she tells him to shut it

As rohde followed them back into the armory he cpuldnt help but stare at her body, her petite frame and how beautifully her tits poped out under her sweater vest. He was jealous that his smart ass friend got to touch those beautiful mellons when witney barley knew he existed.

His jealousy grew greater when she came out in her bakini for the body scan espeicaly because he was told to leave. But that didnt keep him from taking in the image of her barly clothed body shimering in the shop lighting, as fotons reflected across her visably soft skin down her ample breasts and bouncing off her tight smackable ass. Well damn he thought before closing the armory door and stood eyes closed refrencing her body with witneys and lighty rubbed himself threw his jeans

so stand here perfectly still tony why am I in only my bathing suit?

cause the suit im desinging will need to be smaller to pack up in vest form, which means I cant have the adjusting pieces mine has for room reasons and clothes provide a false reading.. Lok at it this way, it will be just for you from me

it will be like your hands are portecting my body always

lol as long as your wearing the vest yeawell I think that will do

so you want me to atach it to this file called other armors..

yep, the one called SALT I..that will activate automatic assembly too

Now this armor wont be as well equipt as the MARK armors or War Machine, due to both its compact size and its more for your defense than offence. It mainly has comunications and light armorment to fend off atackers and alert me or Rohde. A wire frame struture will crawl out from both front and back of the vest and conect around your hands to alow you repolsor blasts and magnetic displacment while a helm set up will assemble around your upper jaw and head to give you optic protection and dispay informantion with a mic system and feedback to talk to us and comand the armor.. The armor will ingage when you yell salt shaker activate.. On second thought im going to change the activation words.but it will be a vocal trigger

why re yuou staring at me like that

damn your hot..and to think your sharing yourself with this nerd inventor

They starting kissing when rohde beeped in telling them that Witney was here

well lets throw on our swim suits

Rohde acting as host to the informal pool hang out showed witney to the vistors bathroom/ hanging rooms they had finished by the pool and perved at her as the upper class young ladie glided in to the tile floored room, he drank deeply of her perfume and let his eyes roam the landscape. From her long blonde her, silky and smooth; to her teasing and beconing breasts, plush and coveted; he fit body from her sholdres to her ass, scupled and need of finger mapping. Standing alone he dropped his pants, his rock hard erection pop out free quickly covered by his blue swim trunks. He just finished tying up when both tony and peppor as well as the young Ms. Stane entered the pool area. Damn she was hot in her bakini. A Navy blue top that faded to white that barly coved anything and a white tong that faded back to blue. At first it seemed a strange look for her but Rohde didnt care if it showed him more skin he was more than happy

She asked Tony to help he with sun tan lotion with a subdued longing for his hands on her body.

After a [dont you dare look from peppor] he sugested Rodhe help her as he squuzed out so sun tan lotion and rubbed it into pepors back instead going slowly to enjoy every second his fingers got touching her buetiful sholders.

As soon as tony declined Rohde was by Witneys side holding the bottle. She was disapointed at the loss of her Crush to the redhead yet noticed the that this dark skinned stalion was avaliable and intrested. In the split second his hands touched her back and senualy rubbed the oil across her skin she completely forget Stark her full attention to the voice of reason, James Rohdes and how he could please her perverted thoughts. As his hands went further around she relized both she wanted him to continue and that she had to stop cause any further and she be lost to her lust.

As she turned to finish herself she noticed that starks hands were oiling peppors stomach in a very romantic way

As the girls slipped in to pool and graful as swans swam about tony and rohde tended to the bbq how many times have you two had sex?

dude.. thats none of your buisness, besides I know peppor doesnt want you to know

it sucks that you have to wear a shirt to swim

yea but I dont want witney seeing the heartlight implant, cause she might slip info to her dad and he might get suspiciosyou know chest light on Tony, light in the chest of ironman and all that

Which reminds me..your mom is getting nosey, not about ironman(although im sure shes suspicous) but about peppor. She just told me too always make sure that pepper stays gender separate from us if she sleeps here

you think she knows

I dont think shes knows weve had sex, but im sure she knows were together know, at least I think we are. Peppor and I havent disgust the details of our relationship

dude you two are a couple.. Im sure of it

what about you the the blonde who seemed SOO content as you rubbed her with oil

A blushing Rohde punched his the rm telling him to shut it

well lets join the girlsCANNONBALL!!!

wow, tony bought some super soft large towels in rohdes haed

Rodhe walks into the armory to find peppor sitting on the floor in her bakini on a towel

what is she doing he thought before noticing her hand moving in a strange yet framilar way

omg..she playing with herself

He watched on as she went faster and rougher on herself. Right as her orgasm swept over her the armory door unlocked aand rohde hid as tony entered to find peppor flustered and tired after her well enjoyed orgasm

Rohde slppied out the door before it closed, gave them a minute for peppor to compose herself and reentered.

now? Rohde asked Tony

Yea Now

now what-peppor asked confused

I let Rohde use the armor, now its your turn


yea, do you want to

oh hell yea suit me up adjust MARK I for peppors size and user requirments

MARK I prepeared for new user

um shouldnt I put o some clothes first

na the bakini is sufficient if you feel cofertable

wow..I feel a litlle scared

its ok I will remote pilot you out to the yard and be with you all the way

Peppor layed into the crimson armor noting the cold metal touching her bare skin.

She got a little closterfobic when the plates closed locking her inside but Tonys voice calmed her as the HUD pped on the visor and he piloted the armor up threw the launch tunel.

The feling was amazing flying by the pipes and beams and up and out into the sky.

Tony opened some of the vents letting air rush in and tickle her body. She relaxed on the armor trusting fully that her lover and friend would never let anything happen. She was starting to get wet again from the ligt humming and vibration mesmerised by the joy of flying Stark had given her when tony landed the armor outside the traing grounds and gave Peppor full control calmly talking her threw the controls as she started running about and firing light repulser baems about than prepared herself for her dream, to fly his armor herself. It cant be too hard, she thought Happy figured it out by himself so she stood as he instructed palms down feet together and focused on the screen as well as made the right te and finger movments, and suddenly the armor moved upwards! She was only a couple feet up but that alone was something to marvel, SHE WAS FLYING! She exponentially increased power and shot to the sky flooting on the clouds air rushing by her it was amzing.

She stayd up there for ten minutes or so doing spins dives and firing at targets on the training grounds. But with the power cell depleting and the risk of getting seen increasing she returned home this time controling the armor herself as she piloted it back threw the acces tunels. As soon as the armor stopped and opened she flung herself into Tonys waiting arms and kissed him not caring that rodhe was standing right there. When she finally let go of him and took a step back she relized she was still wearing only her bakini and that there was a rather obvios miost mark from where her pussy had been wet so she went and changed. coming out tony asked her if something felt different. Confused she sked what he ment

he walked over and said salt shaker

She felt her vest hum

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Mary Jane Watson like bi-racial bang-out

Naked Spider Man Porn

Hentai Picture: Mary Jane Watson like bi-racial bang-out
Enjoy the hot show where Mary Jane Watson takes off her nasty clothes and moans in desire suffering endless wave of pleasure having been violently fucked from her back… SpiderMan characters simply cannot quit with a new strip of this naughty sex that go mad for each other and for their sexual desires! Curvy Miss Horner from SpiderMan is hopping under heavy pussy assault in this report!

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Valerie loves to take shower in the morning with Danny banging her hard from behind!

Danny Phantom Hentai Porn

Hentai Picture: Valerie loves to take shower in the morning with Danny banging her hard from behind!
Watch seemingly good girls of Danny Phantom sitting with their divine legs spread wide to demonstrate their pinkish glittering with moisture slits and playful passionate fellows making their huge balls spank over yummy ass cheeks. Fair haired Danny Phantom babe with sexy body gets double-penetrated, tittie-fucked and cock-gagged and gets her cute breasts thoroughly cum-dumped. Sexy Danny Phanton pushes her legs apart getting filmed then fucks her tits and soaking wet fanny with a handy rubber dick…

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She-Hulk could easily break out from this place… unless she likes to be used this way!

Marvel Wasp Porn

Hentai Picture: She-Hulk could easily break out from this place… unless she likes to be used this way!
Although you may have seen some Marvel before, it would be a challenge to find such an enormous collection of quality action all ready for you… She-Hulk flashes her touchable ass cheeks and pierced belly as she gets creampied in her debut camera appearance. Those Marvel whores are eager for some pussy plumbing action – they gets shagged on the spot and take sizey thick cocks into their well lubed cunts!

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SpiderMan Porn Story: spidey 2

SpiderMan Porn Story: spidey 2

A week passed and all was normal in the Parker home. Peter went out at night to fight the crime of the city, and Mary Jane stayed home with only her hand and various vibrators to keep her company. She found herself watching the porno tape her and Peter had made every chance she got. Watching herself and Peter going at it like that made her cunt sopping wet. By the end of the week, MJ had memorized every moment of the tape and could replay it in her head at will, but watching it on the television was always better. 

Apparently, Peter’s libido had become much more awakened as well. The next Saturday, Peter decided to stay home once again, to Mary Jane’s delight. She fixed a large supper and the two sat down at the table to eat it. All through the meal, Peter’s erection was pressed against his pants, making a very noticeable bulge, and by the end of it, MJ’s panties were totally soaked. They cleared the table in a rush, but didn’t even make it to the bedroom. MJ grabbed Peter as they reentered the dinning room and pushed him back onto the dinning room table. She grabbed his pants and practically tore them open and yanked them down. She then reached her hand inside his boxers and grasped his large hard-on. Peter let out a groan as her hand gripped him. MJ pulled the boxers down with her free hand and started to work at jerking him off with her other. She then lowered her head onto his prick, taking his full length into her mouth. She licked all around and sucked hard, then she started placing tender soft kisses all over his cock while still working her hand on it. She moved down lower and started to lick his balls. She took them into her mouth and started to suck on them as well. Peter moaned loudly, feeling an orgasm quickly approaching. 

MJ sensed it, too, almost psychically. She let Peter’s balls drop from her mouth, covered in her saliva, and replaced it with just the head of his cock. She moved her tongue around the rim of his head, slowly and sensuously. Finally, Peter couldn’t take anymore and a large glob of cum shot up into MJ’s mouth. She swallowed it and continued to drink down the rest of his cum. 

Peter sat back up and pulled Mary Jane’s face off of his cock and stood her up. He hopped off the table and picked her up putting her down where he had just been. Now it was his turn. His cock was limp and dribbling the last of his load onto his thigh, but he had other ways to make MJ scream in ecstasy. He gripped the rim of her sweatpants and pulled them down her legs. She was wearing a sexy black thong and Peter could tell she was definitely aroused from the wetness of it. He pulled the thong down to reveal MJ’s short red pubic hair and moist slit. He moved one hand between her legs and found her clit, rubbing it and getting a moan from his lover. He lowered his head and ran his tongue up her slit. MJ moaned louder, feeling Peter’s tongue on her cunt. He used his fingers to spread her open and push his tongue into her. He tasted her juices and pushed in further, getting as much of his tongue inside her as possible and swirling it around. MJ was going nuts, screaming and moaning and thrashing her hands. She moved one hand down to the back of Peter’s head and pushed his face against her cunt and thrust her hips forward, feeling his tongue moving in her. Her orgasm flooded out of her, splashing all over Peter’s face and into his mouth. He drank her up, then crawled up onto the table, and laid beside her. 

Mary Jane was covered in sweat and breathing heavily. Her legs hung limply off the edge of the table and she just stared up at the ceiling, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. She felt Peter’s lips kissing over her neck and over to her ear. She felt him run his tongue along the rim of her ear and she moaned a little. 

“I had an interesting idea,” Peter whispered into her ear. 

“What’s that?” MJ asked, still panting a little. 

“What if we made another tape?” Peter said, still whispering. “Only a little different.” 

She turned her head to look him in the eyes, a look of confusion on her face. “Different? Different how?” 

“Well…” he said, not sure how she would react to his idea. “What if we made one we could sell? Like on the Internet?” He saw the look on her face and it didn’t look good to him, so he quickly went on. “I could do it as Spider-Man. You know how much of a response there is to your nude modeling, this would be like that… only taken to the next level. Not to mention, they’d get to see Spidey, too. I’m sure we could make enough off of it that we’d be able to retire, and I’d just have to balance crime fighting and you, and the crime seems to be going down.” 

As Peter explained himself, Mary Jane’s look changed and by the time he finished, she seemed almost eager. “I guess you have a point. Besides, it’s not like I’d be doing something I wouldn’t want to do anyway.” She smiled seductively at him. 

“So when do you think we should make it?” Peter asked. 

MJ shrugged, moving one of her hands to stroke Peter’s limp dick. “No time like the present, tiger.” She gave him a wink. 

Peter’s cock hardened quickly as MJ moved her fingers over it. He grinned at her. “I agree.” He moved off the table and went into the bedroom. Mary Jane followed behind him and saw he was already getting the camera set up. Once it was set, he stripped off the rest of his clothes and got his Spider-Man costume on. 

MJ did some changing of her own, getting into a nearly transparent, flowing nightgown. She crawled onto the bed and lay seductively on it. She blew a kiss at Peter and he hit the record button on the camera.

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Danny Phantom Porn Story: The Great War of Danny Phantom Chapter 11

Danny Phantom Porn Story: The Great War of Danny Phantom Chapter 11

Sorry it took so long to update. Anyway, here’s the next chapter. This is my first chapter to be beta-read, so special thanks to HermyStar for the beta.

Chapter 10

The Invasion

It was evening in Amity Park. Tucker was in the lab, Danny was in his room, and Sam was at her house. All seemed perfectly normal to them.

“Hey, Mr. Fenton,” Tucker began.”When are you gonna tell Danny about this?” he asked as he pointed towards the large piece of machinery in front of them.

Continue reading

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Every Superchick will get a superdick to sit and ride on!

Marvel Wasp Porn

Hentai Picture: Every Superchick will get a superdick to sit and ride on!
This bitch gets her pussy ravaged by a thick black shaft, drooling all over two massive members and gulps their sticky loads as the camera records it all… One awesome cum-drinker of Marvel shows how good she is in getting assfucked in cowgirl on cosmic high-standing penis as a warm-up and then getting pumped by this thick tool in mission… Fair haired Marvel bitch with a fuckable body gets double-penetrated, tittie-fucked and cock-gagged and gets her cute breasts thoroughly cum-dumped…

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This huge black dick made Mary Jane Watson to completely forget about Spidey for tonight!

Spider Man Porn

Hentai Picture: This huge black dick made Mary Jane Watson to completely forget about Spidey for tonight!
Have a look at how sizeable SpiderMan cabbages got blanketed in shiners, pearls, gak and are webbed in any possible way of wired-up funs… Adorable Spider-man flaunting nude in front of cum and getting pumped with a thick fuck toy… The best part for sex-sareed hotties of SpiderMan is to be involved into wild orgies with perverse males and give their cum slits to be completely messed up by hardest cocks…

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Nude and curvy Fenton girls – Madeline and Jazz!

Danny Phantom Ghost Porn

Hentai Picture: Nude and curvy Fenton girls – Madeline and Jazz!
Bear witness to Danny Phantom drawings featuring babes getting cocks in every hole, or see an inexperienced chick be initiated into the world of lesbian sex… Nubile Madeline Fenton losing her clothes and receiving a hard dick deep in her shaved pussy. These Danny Phantom cunts long for some pussy plumbing action – they get banged where they are caught and take sizey thick cocks into their wet, horny pussies!

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Marvel Porno Story: Ironman Aventures Part Two

Marvel Porno Story: Ironman Aventures Part Two

Peppor and Tony share shower and a lot more the day after waking up half naked together!

Tony joined pepper in he shower after closing and creating a datalock on the previous nights security footage. Pepper was already lathering her beautiful nude body with soap. After hearing her teen hero enter she turned to face him. Tony couldnt help staring as her breasts jiggled when she giggled. For once she was actually quiet as she blushed before tiptoeing up and kissed him. After a long mutually welcomed kiss she turned back round and passed him the bar of soap then shook her shoulders to ask him for help.

He slowly and deeply massaged her back as he washed it, taking as long as possible to prolong his humbling arousal. She enjoyed the comfort of his delicate hands! The detailed movements of screwdrivers and handling fragile circuit boards had turned him into a wonderful masseuse.

But now with her flesh under his hands the curios and horny male overwhelmed the inventor and his hands left her back and trekked to other more sought after locations.

He stroked along her side slowly letting his fingertips feel the warmth of her soft skin She was rolling her head to the side and he studied the water cascading down her cute face, drip off her nose and flow past her lips as he brought his own down for another kiss of the many he wanted to pursue with his gorgeous energetic friend. They locked lips and lost track of whos lips and tongue was whos as his hands had reached the ample peaks and began to explore around the base, up the side, around the summit, back down the other side, then repeated again. The kiss had no end in site as she set her hands to his body. Reaching behind her back she placed her hands affectionately opun his abs and ran up to his heartlight and traced it with her right hand and let her left go down south to grasp the Ironman. Feeling both the man and the machine while he explored her womanly figure they broke the kiss and stared into each others eyes.

Now facing one another they let the shower rain upon them as they took it to the next level.

With a reassuring nod of permission from his redheaded love he ran his fingers along her garden and playfully tickled the surrounding area before entering working in slowly he got braver and went deeper as she tried her hand at his biological tool. She felt exited about the new and long awaited experience of feeling a mans pulse threw his dong. She took hold of him with both hands, his tip just past her pinky and moved up and down felling it throb and grow as soon as she touched it. After they both got each others private parts soapy they continued. She ran his balls threw her left hand as her right went along his shaft and rubbed his tip, While he using 2 fingers hooked in and threaded her nut from the inside.

Her speech became slurred as Tony got deeper and faster, he splashed off the soap and went in for a taste. She braced herself with her left hand on his back while he penetrated her lower lips as he had done earlier to her northern ones. The sensation was electric threw the Carrot topped girl who set her right hand to work groping her own body.

The Young inventor quickly discovered not a new form of energy but how to please Ms. Potts

With moans and four starts to a prayer he got the job done and he held her in his arms till her heart calmed down. After another long wet kiss she slid down his body to thank him, kissing the bright tech that on his strong manly chest before continuing south to wear his flagpole hung. She coated his substantial member with a generous coat of saliva and began polishing it with her tongue. First the tip which Tony found extremely sensitive and stated to get weak in the knees as her taste buds ran across his head. Then she worked in the length she lid the sausage in and out of her mouth each time kissing the tip. But her body wanted ACT 2 now, so she gave in to her lust.
As she prepared for her physical loss of innocence, she knew this was it, no going back, once he puts it in my and my hymen tears I will be a womenim ready! she thought to herself, this was the man she wanted, this was the man she needed. She stood facing him and starred into his eyes, kissed his chest, laid her head upon his shoulder and said Be gentle!

He patted her on the back and gave her a tight hug before poiting his missle to the target and launching it.

PRESURE!! was all she thought ow this preuRE!!! He had broken threw! He felt some blood at first and stopped asking her if she was OK. With a nod and a couple tears she said slow at first! so he obeyed and started to move in her gracefully while holding her in embrace.

With her pain past as with her childhood she touched his cheek and smiled. She layd back against his chest as he picked up speed.

Pressure! was now on his mind as her canal tightened on him but this pressure was pure joy for he never felt anything like this, masturbation was nothing like this. The warmth, the humidity, the he couldnt explain it.

She leaned against the tile as he braced himself on the wall above her and got a little rougher every couple seconds shifting his eyes between her womans body and her glimmering hazel eyes as she put her arms around his neck and kept panting with his movements.

He knew he was getting close, if he didnt slow down it would be over too soon. how do I down shift without looking inadequate? he thought A kiss maybe? He kissed her again and dueled tongues. She wispered in his ear enter from the back and licked his nose then smiled and turned around.

So he did! With one hand on her side he aimed and tried to insert but she stopped him. wrong hole Ironman! Im not ready for that

OPPS!, Sorry! he corrected his aim and slid in

He resumed hump her now at a rather fast pace using her side and holding a breast to braise himself. But he was about to blow, the was no stopping it

Pepper Im about to cum!

Not inside,..I want a taste!

So he pulled out and she turned to face him. She just got her lips on him when he opened the valve.

OH GOD this is the most ive EVER shot he thought as he quickly over flooded peppers mouth.

Pepper spat the majority out but saved enough for a small sample.

OK im never taking it in my mouth again, that was unpleasant! she said with a discusted look on her face

But realized she may of insulted Tony she replyed but the rest wasecstasy! Thank you for making me a woman and she hugged him.

They finished their shower, tickling each other as they went. As they got out Tony noticed that the camera light was blinking meaning it was on and active, but he had turned it off before joining her. Rodhe!!, he must of watched us..I just hope he didnt record it He helped dry her off which was just an excuse to have his hands on her boobs, even if it was threw the towel. And she did likewise to him.

Well the dryer hadnt yet finished so she stayd in the medical suite while tony put on some of his spare clothes and checked on Rohde.

He found Rohde running a scan of the War Machine armor did you turn on the camera in the bathroom?

maybe he sid trying to hide a grin

What all did you see?

He didnt even try to lie everything, from you two playing with each other threw you filling her face!

What the hell, you perv, Why did you even turn it on?

I thought it was of by accident, so I tuirned it on to see..well THAT!! I couldnt turn away

Tony balled his fist and strated to pull backOK look as far as Pepper knows, YOU didnt see anything,, noone will know about this!

Rohde nodded and made the -zipped lip- gesture


OH thats the dryer..our clothes are done

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